Monday, July 15, 2013

Ideas and Stuff

Hey, I just had a reader tell me she would like to do fanart. (not to pressure her, haha). I know I have a really small group of readers, but if anyone wants to do MUM fanart, send it to I appreciate everything! I'll put it on a separate page even! Thanks everyone!

Sorry that I'm recycling pictures, I just lost all my old W101 pictures, so I don't have any new ones for you...



  1. Hey Chelsea, it's me Gabrielle! I've finished two sketches and Kyle and Chelsea but I'm crossing my fingers that Kyle even looks close to how he appears in the story. I'll get into more detail later but I though I'd say I've finished that up along with Inking so once they're scanned and possibly colored I'll send it up to you! Haha, don't worry about pressuring me. Rather it's a motivator since I probably would have probably procrastinated until my birthday to draw your characters.

    1. Wow! Thanks! I'm really looking forward to seeing this!

    2. I'm glad to hear it! I just finished coloring but I messed up on Kyle's boots terribly....why can't the real world have undo ;--;? Although as I said earlier I'd get into more detail about how Kyle looks. Well I made sure to include his hair and eye color of course but the thing is when you said robe I didn't know which robe to think that he'd be wearing. So, (partially under the influence that I commonly draw Marleybonians with fancy coats and stuff) I decided to draw him with the 'Wrap of Rubicon' garment outline which is used for people around level 10 and 20. Well I figure once it's scanned or taken picture of if my family won't leave me alone, you'll see how they turned out..until then!

    3. My god it took me longer than I had though to get it scanned. At first it was my family generally not leaving the room as which the scanner was in since I didn't want them to consistently attempt to look at my stuff (I'm generally a digital artist so they try to get every chance to see my traditional) and for my birthday we went to my house since I've been at my grandparents and we need to work on my house. After that they all went shopping when we went back to my grandparents today and I just luckily was able to get it scanned. So, if you look at my blog you'll see your pictures! I hope that I can draw some other things for your blog snother time..If you need resizing I'll send the regular sized ones on Gmail!


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