Tuesday, July 9, 2013

About the Fic...

Hi all!
    Um, so, lately the site has been more about my social life than anything else.. Sorry about that. I wanted to make it up to you by writing some more MUM, because it seems like I'm going to be regularly updating sooner or later, and even if I'm not routinely playing, Chelsea and Blake and Esmee are my characters, and they DON'T have to be affiliated with W101 (even though they clearly are). I think in general, I've grown as a writer since the last time I wrote on MUM. I have secretly have written some angsty prose. Don't tell. (<---haha that's highly illogical, because anyone can see this site...)
     I'm not trying to make excuses, but to be honest, my hard drive "died" a few months ago, and I had to replace it, so all my work, everything (even my Minecraft saves :( ) was gone. Unfortunately, that means that any work I had done on the next chapter is gone. I know I have a couple physical drafts in one of my old notebooks...
     Anyways, I'll be sure to get SOMETHING up. Maybe a teaser, or some extra content, I don't know, maybe even a new chapter?

[insert awesome picture here]

I have some plans.... Maybe....

Love you guys! Keep wizarding, even if I'm not!



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