Thursday, June 20, 2013

Hi all.....

Hey, all.
     I haven't written, blogged or even played in a long, long, long time. I'm really sorry to the very few of you that actualy read this blog.... A ton has changed in my life. I've really grown since the last time I clicked "Play". Now I'm NOT AT ALL saying that I am ditching this blog or my fanfic, or even Wizzy. I just want everyone to know that I'm a lazy, uncool, not-currently-playing-W101,boring person who sits around reading fanfics and drawing and browsing YouTube all day. I don't think I've really played any games lately.
     I know, I'm a terrible procrastinating monster. It's just that recent (and not so recent) events have voided me of my desire to play. That's right. I have no desire to play. Now, I do go into and out of phases like this, but there's no saying whether this is permanent or not. I can truthfully say that I do have an urge to write fanfic. Who knows... Another chapter of MUM?
     Thank you for reading this long, boring, and somewhat depressing post. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE somebody  tell me if you've missed MUM, because I really need to know that there's someone out there. I do do this blog for fun, whether or not anyone is reading, but at the moment I don't have the desire, patience, or time to write to a wall. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT IN THE PAST, and hopefully, with more, I might continue this blog!

Chelsea, out... :3