Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Alright, Alright, Back to Business

Hey all!
     As I mentioned in my post from last night, I promised you guys some new stuff. I'm working on a little background ficlet, and because it is so short, I may end up making it a series..! It has a lot of background info, and I felt like I needed to give these characters the spotlight because they don't play in enough in the story. There is a lot of detail I want to go into that unfortunately I cannot, because I am Miss Procrastinator and haven't even finished half of MUM. I will write more ficlets, but I'll be sure to only release those without spoilers.
     I'm really close to being done with the first one, it just needs to be edited a bit and finished off. Here's a sneak peek! It will be up sometime today or tomorrow or Friday.

     Celestia. The concept of a lost civilization, more advanced technologically than any other world of its days always had so much appeal, so much beauty attached to it. From when he was a small boy, Percy had wanted to be the one to find it. He wanted to be known all across the Spiral as a hero, an adventurer. But Percy always looked upon it as something not to be conquered, not to be taken, but something fragile that should simply be caressed and enjoyed.

    Those of you that remember the beginning chapter of MUM will know who this is about....! I'm excited to release this (and finish it, even). I've forgotten the thrill that writing brings. I feel like because I'm a little more mature now, that my writing will be both better and mature itself. I hope you're all excited, and I'm sorry for my dramafest.

(below) Who might Chelsea be standing next to????

Love you all!



  1. Hi I feel so bad for you even though I don't know you or your long lost friend Kyle and I don't know if the anonymous commenter is him or just someone trying to make you feel better like me. Sorry this comment is kinda late.

    -Mr. Ree

    1. Haha, don't, I've actually reconnected with him! I plan to keep the site going, whether or not I am actually playing 100% of the time.

    2. Cool! I just finished reading MUM, it's really good! Keep going! :)

      -Mister Ree


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