Friday, July 26, 2013

Chapter 7

Hey guys!
UPDATE: It's ready! Read here.
     Chapter 7 will be up in a few! I just need to run a few reviews and stuff. I think it will be good. It's a decent length, too! That doesn't mean it's long, just average.... But I will get to work on chapter 8 pretty soon too! I'll update this post when it's up!

                Blake, Esmee and I filed into the large room. It was suspiciously similar to Rattlebones’ tower. Sure, it was a bit tidier, but apart from that, I wouldn’t have been able to tell any difference. Same musty smell, same scattering of disturbing objects.

Oh, and just warning you, I'm bending the story a little bit to save you guys from utter boredom (mostly in chapter 8, though). Don't be mad.


P.S. Freakin' labels!

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