Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Banana Flutes and Watermelon Lutes

Hi people of the Spiral,
     Chelsea here with an update. I'm posting this from my iPad, so please forgive any mistakes I make.
     I wanted to post this on Saturday, but I got busy and so now I'm posting. ;) So, the other day, my friends and I were fighting Porrich, a boss in. A dungeon in Avalon, and it was hilarious, because he was large, purple, long nosed, and had girl hair. So,we were joking about how ugly he was and how his belly jiggled. Then one person said "Maybe he had too many grapes" and that sent me ROFLing. I know it may not be funny to you, but it's rhe little moments that you have a smile on your face that count. Hasn't laughter been proven to make you live longer?

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