Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chapter 6

EDIT: Chapter 6 is up!!!! Enjoy it!:D

Guys, this time I promise that I will get Chapter 6 of MUM (here) out by TONIGHT/TOMORROW MORNING. I have been totally neglecting it, and I feel really bad. But the thing about writing is that it has to come to you. I know my writing may not be the best, but I know that it's at its best when I'm at mine.

A little sneak peek for you guys!

“We’re a whole lot tougher than, we look, sir,” Blake said respectfully. A gust of wind blew my long, brown, tied-up hair into his face. Nice going, Chelsea. He blinked, then did something unexpected. He laughed. Although I’d only known him for a day, he’d already been my best friend. I loved his ability to see the bright side of awkward situations.

I can tell you guys that this will be another interesting chapter, and that it might bring out a new side of Esmee....

Don't Blink.


PS: I am NOT gonna forget the labels this time!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Well, I messed up, didn't I?

Yeah, I know. I've just been really really busy with life. Yeah, I have been on Wizard101, and yup, I have been leveling. I just have a really bad habit of just  hecking for comments and leaving. Recently I checked my blog email, and I realized there was another comment on an old post. I realize that this was a long time ago, and I apologize for not responding earlier.

"Is there any other pet drops then goat monk, yellow ghost, brown spider and ninja pig?


Well, I know that the Feindish Foo Dog is dropped there, which is a good pet for Death wizzies like me. ;) Plague Ninja, and Life Ghoul are also dropped. Stone Colossus is also a good one. I am not exactly sure that Yellow Ghost is dropped there, did you get one from there? I'm almost sure that those are all of the pet drops.

Thank you for commenting, Katie!

Sorry for the long post, guys. See ya in the Spiral!



Random Photo!

Hey wait- this is from Hunger Games and Camels...! o. o

Fish fingers and custard, anyone?

PSS: Oh my gosh! I always forget the labels! UGH!!!!