Sunday, February 17, 2013

Chapter 6

EDIT: Chapter 6 is up!!!! Enjoy it!:D

Guys, this time I promise that I will get Chapter 6 of MUM (here) out by TONIGHT/TOMORROW MORNING. I have been totally neglecting it, and I feel really bad. But the thing about writing is that it has to come to you. I know my writing may not be the best, but I know that it's at its best when I'm at mine.

A little sneak peek for you guys!

“We’re a whole lot tougher than, we look, sir,” Blake said respectfully. A gust of wind blew my long, brown, tied-up hair into his face. Nice going, Chelsea. He blinked, then did something unexpected. He laughed. Although I’d only known him for a day, he’d already been my best friend. I loved his ability to see the bright side of awkward situations.

I can tell you guys that this will be another interesting chapter, and that it might bring out a new side of Esmee....

Don't Blink.


PS: I am NOT gonna forget the labels this time!!!!!!!

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