Sunday, September 1, 2013

Hey all....

Okay, if you haven't all figured it out at this point I'm a procrastinator. Sorry! I've just been too busy being on tumblr and listening to music and fangirling and stuff. I'm going to post Chapter 9. This covers the  FIRST HALF of Triton Avenue.
I haven't written the next chapter, and I can't promise it for a while, because the school year is about to start and I'm going to be pretty busy, but I'll make sure to put up my "ficlet" in the next month or so. When I say busy, I mean tumblr. I hate to admit it, but tumblr consumes my life. My thoughts on an average day consist of bands, bands, bands, shipping, tumblr, more bands, and the new doctor, but mostly bands. Most days, the fact that I have a blog completely escapes my mind...
Eheheheheheheheh.... I feel so awful having to make this post all the time, you know? I know I don't have a huge group of readers, but still. Well, I'm off....


  1. Heh it's alright I think we all are probably putting something off right now, please work at your own pace, humans are biologically wired to like things more when they wait if that means much...

    1. Haha, yeah, and now with school and stuff, that will make things like ten times harder.... I WILL release my ficlet soon, when I get around to remembering. I can COMPLETELY relate to this situation, cause there are a couple fanfics that I am personally obsessed with that haven't been updated in FOREVER! I'm trying to be better about this all haha. I've just been fangirling because two of my favorite bands are doing re-releases this month, and the lead singer of one of them is featured on this one track on the other band's album--if that makes any sense..... I'm gonna go roll around in excitement.... Thanks for commenting!

    2. Hey no problem Mate! Sorry for the late response I'm that kind of person that texts really slow...That sounds interesting! I'm not really into any bands, just Vocaloids ;^; but I'd probably be distracted by a presentation so large!
      Yeah like "featuring with [certain other artist]" right?

    3. Haha yeah, I have a couple friends that are into vocaloids... They seem cool! I don't know how else to explain this, but I am infatuated with bands. Like I can't go a day without listening to something... Oh, and I think I attempted to put the new fic up, but then I just completely forgot. I'll just go put it up now.... Hope you enjoy it!! :D

    4. Yeah I know what you mean, I have trouble getting to the bus stop if I haven't listened to any music. Then I go the school hours rewinding all of my favorite songs mentally...lucky my parents generally aren't home for 10 to thirty minutes so I can listen to my music as loud as I want (The headphones I have suck, at full max they do about 20 so I savor every moment) Aw really! Sweet! I'll tell you how it is!

    5. I totally do the same thing! I'll be sitting in math (I have the world's most boring teacher) and I'll just be playing one of two songs, doodling and jotting down the lyrics in my notebook.


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