Thursday, September 12, 2013


So, dependent upon how long you've been following this blog, you might remember Destiny! Destiny is a friend of mine irl, so I decided to let her explain her story to me. I wrote it out, and had her approval (she's hard to impress). So, I decided, because I am busy with school and tumblr and Cashby and Oli Sykes' face, that I'd split it into two parts! It's a short fic in the first place, so yes, this update will be short. The ficlet I wrote kinda gets a bit personal to ME, and I guess I let some of my own feelings out in there, so I don't want to release it. I PROMISE I'll do a remake of the fic with less feely personal stuffs.
OH! One last thing! This fic will play into the general scheme of things and will make sense in the FAR FUTURE! (that doesn't mean it wont make sense, but you'll have no idea how this character plays into the story).
ENJOY THE FIC! Click here.

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