Monday, November 19, 2012

Heads Up!

Hi guys!
      I think I"m hooked back on Azteca. Honestly, I can say that it is a ton of fun. Yeah, yeah, I know. I'm terrible. :P

     Good news! I'm in that mood! Bad news... I'm in that mood. You know what I'm talking about!Oh, you don't? I'm in the writing mood! Good because I can stop procrastinating, bad because I'll not stop until I'm out of that mood.

I Want Your Feedback!
     Okay, I know I have like the world's smallest audience, and that's okay. But I ask a favor of you.
Please please PLEASE click on the title and scroll to the bottom to leave a comment! I'd reallly appreciate it! I don't blame you if you leave it anonymously, that's totally okay.

      Do you want to read the real Chapter 6? It is off topic, but (hopefully) equally as engaging. It is about a mysterious anonymous writer and his love for an anonymous girl. It may not be who you think....
     This chapter is not absolutely necessary for the book, and I can put it into a special edition when I finish, but I feel that it adds mystery and tension in the air.
     Also, if I do put it up, it goes up now. If not, Chapter 6/7 is already on its way.

Thank you all so much for you feedback! I really really appreciate it. If you have not yet read my story and you have absolutely no idea what I am talking about, click HERE. Remember to leave a comment!

Chelsea, out!

PS: This post looks very boring, so here's a random picture!

PSS: I went through all of Malistaire's Lair to get this photo. O.O

PSSS: I ALWAYS forget to label, darn it!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Azteca, Pirate101, and Uh... Other Things?

     Hey all, I tried to make this post earlier, but I lost it all and stuff and didn't have the chance to remake it.
     Anyways, I know I've been a bad post-er-er, and I'm sorry. Heh heh. I have a confession to make. I AM ADDICTED TO PIRATE101!
      Yeah... I found out that Azteca was being made the day it came out. I have to say, I am not uite as excited as I should be. Azteca sounds like a blast and all, but how am I supposed to keep up? It has only been what.. 9 months since Avalon, and I am busy leveling Zoe(see next paragraph). Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Wizard and I'll never leave it--you know, until uh, well a looonnnng time from now--but I am taking a little break. Azteca is stressing me out because I want to keep Chelsea up, but between Pirate101, life, and a lot of other stuff, I don't know if i have the time. (Sorry Kyle!)
     Okay, on to the fun stuff! Zoe West is my pirate. She is a level 33 Swashbuckler. I am currently writing about her, and it will be posted (hopefully) shortly.
Zoe/Chelsea out!