Thursday, January 23, 2014


I'm back. Sort of...
I'm sorry, I just realized that I have had the other half of the Des fic (here) and I have left you guys hanging. This will be my last update unless i find another chapter lying around somewhere or I have the urge to write. I will put the other half of the fic up! 

I honestly love you all! Sorry for holding this... (Not that you care oops)


  1. Well hii;; it's been a while huh?
    Sorry, it really wasn't intended. I joined DeviantArt and stuff got busy ヽ(;▽;)ノ
    //Like, I have 147 feedback messages right now with 7 drawings to do busy//
    I guess you may not even get this; but hopefully somehow you will?? Sorry to be a butt and never reply to stuff, I mean it must've got lonely ; ^ ;....
    If we don't hate me and still wanna talk I'm on DeviantArt constantly now:
    Plus, if you still ever want to consider writing....dA has a decent sized Wizard101 community, a lot of them are nice to talk to as well ( *´・v・)

    1. idk if itll like notify u if i reply directly to u? its been a while since ive done this haha

  2. aw ofc i dont hate you! i saw this in my email and i was rly surprised tbh. and haha no, im ok, i think that i've moved on to be honest, ive stopped writing and ive started to really become absorbed with anime/tumblr. i dont have a deviantart but i do have a tumblr that im active on 90% of the time and that is ,,, ((just warning im weeaboo dangan ronpa trash lmao)) ((im still a pop punk kid at heart tho that wont change B))) ))
    and omg u sound rly rly busy,, must be a lot of stress! i havent even touched w101 in a while now. idrk what to say? but yeah, if u want to talk im free!


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