Friday, July 27, 2012

Ahh, Max Level Again! (2 Part Post)

Heya! Chelsea here, and I'm sorry I didn't post this sooner, but I am finally Max Level again!
     It feels so great! It happened a while back, but I never got the chance to post this. To celebrate, I've looked through my Wizard 101 pictures file, and picked out the best taken, most random, most fun, craziest, and most sentimental pictures I have. But, to do this in the best way possible, I am going to split this into two posts. The next installment will be posted sometime...
This here is my Balance wizard, level 45 at the time. She is standing on the beach of the Celestian island house when it was still new.
 I have two wraiths? Haha, no. this is a glitch. Yes she is at her house, but niether of the wraiths have been placed as housing items.
 Me and my "mother" in the Dragonspyre Boot Shop.
To conclude, we have our favorite man and my "uncle"! Malistaire!
 See you next time!
Chelsea, out!

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