Monday, June 25, 2012


What the heckhounds!!!!!!

I'm back!!!! :D

Okay, so just like 5 minutes ago I was soloing Morag. As you all know, I am a Death Wizard, and he is Death Rank 12, as below. He is an awesome looking Stag, so I was sad (and scared) to fight him.

I enter the arena, and after like 20 minutes of hard fighting, getting down to like 500 health and then attacking, I finally had him nailed. I had 1500 health and he 500. I got him with a Skeletal Dragon (below) and I thought it was over. I thought wrong.

By the way, Spitsalot says "Rawr!!!!!!!!!!!!". Just as I was saying "Morag, you're gonna turn into
Mo-RAGS when I'm done with you!!", he hit me with a Skeletal Pirate. It criticaled. But that's not the end of it! I blocked it! Sadly, he struck back with a fatal blow of 100 damage. THE END!

Sad story,eh?

Chelsea Seahaven

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