Saturday, April 7, 2012

My Massive Fantasy Palace

Chelsea here with pictures of my house! I <3 decorating!!! Enjoy!

This is the front plaza, known as Firecat Plaza for it's firecat sculptures on all sides.

My unicorn sculptures (Go Unicorns lol).

The floral entrance to the Queen's (me) family quarters.

Before we enter, I'll show you the rest of the outside, this being a closer shot at Firecat Plaza. 

Leaving Firecat Plaza, we follow a cobbled path lined with street vendors.

A small farm on the bank of the moat.

A small carnival further down the road.

The forest behind the festival.

Heading inside, we find the Queen's private quarters.

The piano area.

The main table.

Fireplace and fishtank.

Kitchen and breakfast table.

Dining Room.

Sitting Room.

Oops, this is out of place. Hehe. This is the Guest Room. Intended for a friend, but it is multi-purpose.

My room! equipped with a desk, snack bar, bed (duh), dressing room, and train set (yay!).

The throne room with my kirin, trophy, an golden piggle! Yay gold!

Sorry this was long... Heh... Heh....

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