Sunday, January 6, 2013


Hey guys! Chel here!

Happy new year! I think my resolution is to be better about writing and posting....

     I'm sorry I haven't posted in about a month, I know, that's a new low... But I can honestly say that some good stuff is coming your way! I am seriously working on a Victoria Drake story, but I think my plot is too deep to even think about showing you anytime soon. It takes place two years after My Uncle Malistaire, and it is about the struggles that Tori undergoes to master Storm magic and become a hero... But where do Chelsea, Blake and Esmee come in?
     I'm planning on giving a sneak look sometime after MUM's (My Uncle Malistaire, link above) plot is developed more. I am totally getting ahead of myself! I've even started a sequel to that! I know I am sooo crazy! like I am ever gonna finish MUM!
     Anyways, to the few of you that actually read my work, I hope you're excited. If you haven't read it, the link is above. See you in the spiral!


PS: Say hi to Vanessa Drake!

PSS: GRRR! Always have to forget the labels!